Why Take Navaquest's Sales Training Program?

If you want to increase ROI, you need to improve your sales team's performance. To improve your sales team's performance, your team has to be at the top of their game — and sales training is required to get them there.  

Sales training with Navaquest is the best way to achieve this.  

Ongoing training and development grow employee retention rates by up to 30-50%. Navaquests sales learning and development, in particular, maximizes your team's potential by focusing on the fundamentals, customizing plans to your unique goals and needs, sharpening crucial sales skills, and more. 

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Learn Sales and Marketing Fundamentals  

Despite how essential sales skills are to the success of your sales rep, many may not even have basic skills that can help them improve. And yet, the fundamentals of sales are at the core of everything you need to know to do your job efficiently.  

These fundamentals include:  

  • Learning the customer value journey  
  • Customer avatars  
  • Prospecting  
  • Probing  
  • Proposal development  
  • Presenting  

Enhance the Customer Experience  

The customer experience with your brand is the make it or break it in your business's success. In today's sales environment, it plays a more important role than ever because those experiences can be easily shared (sometimes even going viral!) with people worldwide. 

According to consumers, 64% say they have and will go to a competitor after a negative experience, and 30% have no problem sharing the incident on social media or warning others with a bad review.  

Your sales reps are at the center of it all. They're the first impressions customers come to expect from doing business with your company, and Navaquest is here to enhance the customer experience with these crucial components: 

  • Empathy and understanding of customer pain points  
  • Relationship building    
  • Knowing the customer's perspective  
  • Earn their trust and credibility 

Improve Essential Sales Skills 

In addition to the basics, an elite sales team needs to expand and improve upon essential skills in the industry.  

There are four skills, in particular, that are undeniably essential in the sales industry: 

  1. Persuasion techniques   
  2. Time management
  3. Effective communication
  4. Storytelling
 Navaquest's training coach is educated and experienced in all four skill topics.  

To truly stand out in such a saturated market where sales reps are everywhere, your team needs to not only know these skills on a fundamental level but receive the professional training necessary to leverage them to their full capacity. Every salesperson will not be the same, and Navaquest understands that. That's why we customize our sales training to your team's unique needs to ensure they improve on areas they are lacking and strengthen areas they a more skilled in.  

Stop Winging It and Give Your Sales Team the Tools They Need 

Sales is not an area of business that does well when you 'wing it.' It's likely why many people fail to connect with customers and close deals. Or, in some cases (like with 82% of business decision-makers), they come off as unknowledgeable in their products/services and unprepared to sell to prospects.  

Enter: Comprehensive sales playbook and strategies.  

At Navaquest, our comprehensive sales playbook is essential to selling full-funnel solutions: 

  • Improve sales process  
  • Cutting-edge marketing knowledge  
  • Certifications for digital marketing and more  
  • Different types of training available  

What Sets Navaquest Apart? 

There are dozens of options for sales training, and honestly, any is better than none. However, sales training with Navaquest doesn't just provide the bare minimum that your sales team needs to be successful. Between our state-of-the-art courses and material and our expert coach, there isn't a better solution to improving sales performance. Your team needs help sharpening their sales skills, and we have the drive and passion for getting them to that point.  

Contact our incredible team to discuss your sales team's needs and the customized solutions our training offers. After all, your sales team can only improve at the level their training will allow, and Navaquest provides the highest level of sales training in the industry.

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