Can Training & Coaching Improve Sales and ROI?

Is your sales and marketing team performing okay, but something is missing? Are there some team members struggling to hold their own in their positions? Are your sales and ROI not where you need them to be? Then you need to hear more about the importance of sales training.

According to SHRM, 52% of employees believe they need training in new skills within the next year to be efficient in their roles, and yet, 29% of them aren't confident that their company will provide the necessary opportunities for them to train, upskill, or learn new skills.

Training your salespeople helps improve customer relationships, structure their interactions, and show them how to perform discovery. In turn, it improves ROI by creating a relationship around demonstrating how they can solve customer pain points rather than selling so overtly.  Here are more specifics on how training improves sales and ROI.

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Training Salespeople Helps Them Sell More

Training salespeople improves their ability to reach out to customers and helps them solve their pain points, resulting in more sales. After all, the customer experience sells more products/services than most products/services themselves. This is because most consumers buy based on emotions (or at least 95% do).

Think of it this way: Suppose the atmosphere in your company is full of highly trained associates. Customers will notice because their questions will be answered quickly, their pain points will be addressed, and their confidence in your sales team to resolve their problems (now and in the future) will be boosted. On the other hand, unanswered questions and confusion can easily scare them away.

However, don't get too comfortable thinking your team is already qualified to do the job. Research shows that a shocking 55% of salespeople do not have the basic skills they need to perform well in their roles.

Investing in Employees Helps Create a Stronger Staff 

Today's employees want more than just a steady paycheck at work. They want to be invested in and valued by their company. In turn, that appreciation will pay off for you (in terms of both sales and ROI) as they put in more effort and care more about their role. That appreciation also creates a more robust staff that is more empowered and happier. 

Does your staff feel appreciated and happy? Research suggests that they most likely don't. Insight reports that most (80%) workers cited appreciation as the most crucial factor in their happiness at work. Despite this revelation, 55% of employees say they don't feel appreciated at work, and 33% say they're not happy either. 

On the other hand, investing in your employees helps you retain staff, build a strong sales team, and attract top talent to your company. As a matter of fact, 76% report looking for job opportunities that will expand their career. 

Improved Customer Experiences Make Lasting Relationships 

Customer experience means everything in sales. While 76% of buyers will share a positive customer service experience with six or more people, one negative experience can cause 1 in 3 people to leave a brand (even one they love!), and 92% are prepared to abandon a brand entirely if there are 2-3 negative interactions.

Sales training helps your staff improve the customer experience by creating a longer-lasting rapport, which helps create better relationships and helps you earn business over more extended amounts of time. Furthermore, having salespeople in advisory roles helps challenge customers to improve, helping them determine what they need and establishing trust while delivering quality experiences.

In a consumer market that values pleasant experiences, this is a crucial marketing and sales component to get right. The right sales training will make all the difference in setting your business apart from the rest of your competition.

Navaquest's Sales & Coaching Can Improve Sales and ROI

The world is constantly changing, and your team not only needs to adapt to today's environment but must also be able to adjust to the evolving trends in the years to come. Any sales training will keep their skills fresh and sharp for customers. However, industry-leading sales training will go beyond the basics and ensure your sales team is remarkably better than the competition. 

Enter: Navaquest's sales training and coaching.

Navaquest’s extensive knowledge, expertise, and direct experience in the field, from building up their own successful companies to years of experience helping other business owners achieve immense success.

With that experience comes unique insight your competition has yet to tap into. But you can! Contact us to discuss and build your sales team's customized training and coaching plan.

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