What Can You Expect from Your Navaquest Experience?

Are you experiencing the same challenges as other decision-makers in your industry? Having trouble meeting business objectives? Underperforming sales team? Disjointed team? Lack of sales knowledge? Does ROI need improvement? 

If you can relate, then sales coaching is the answer. The root cause behind many of these issues is that your team isn't adequately prepared to take your company to the next level with customers. Research shows that at least 50% of sales time is wasted on prospecting that goes nowhere, and 58% of the sales pipeline is delayed by salespeople who don't have the skill to add enough value to guide prospects and customers down the funnel. On the other hand, sales training improves performance by 20% or more. 

Here's how Navaquest can help you transform your team with our unique sales and marketing learning experience. 

A Customized Training Plan  

Not just any sales training plan will get your team where they need to be. It would help if you had a program that is customized to your company's specific goals and your team's specific pain points. Like no company is alike, no team member experiences the same weakness and strengths.  

Navaquest's customized training plan ensures that your business objectives are at the core of each team member's learning, so they learn how to be better salespeople. Moreover, customization ensures every weakness is addressed so it can be improved, while every strength (which will vary from person to person) is embraced. 

Choose Your Path  

The path you take to improve your sales team depends on you! At Navaquest, we explore customization opportunities in every way possible for our clients. One size does not fit all, and we're here to help you thrive in your industry. Depending on which resonates best with you and your team, you will have three coaching paths to consider: 

  1. If you're interested in a process where you Do It Yourself, our expert coach will work closely with you to help you learn and freshen up on all the knowledge and skills you need for successful full-funnel marketing and selling. Taking what you've learned from your training and certifications (Navaquest has 12+ certifications available), you will teach your staff everything you know. The customized training plan is still unique to your business, and the results are always positive.  
  1.  We can also Do It With You if you prefer a strategy that still embraces your business's customized sales and marketing plan but offers a little more guidance. In this model, we train you and your team members, offering personalized coaching throughout the entire process.  
  1. In cases where you'd rather we Do It For You, Navaquest has a third model perfectly crafted for getting your team ready to sell and market your products/services. In this model, we take control of everything, so you don't have to, from a customized plan for your team to the execution of their training and coaching. 

An Experienced Coach  

If you want to see real results in performance and sales, you need an experienced coach who knows how to get your team there. Theresa Timm is Navaquest's industry-leading coach, backed by several years of experience in the field and decades of sharpened skills in leadership, onboarding, staffing, coaching, training, full-funnel marketing strategy, and more. Her ability to relate and resonate with teams has made her an unrivaled force in Navaquest's coaching experience.  

Sales and Marketing Fundamental Knowledge  

The combination of Theresa's incredible coaching and Navaquest's sales training framework are unmatched in the industry. Our framework focuses heavily on the fundamentals of sales and marketing, sharing that knowledge with your team so they can leverage that same power to get your company the sale.  

Why do the fundamentals matter? For one, 99% of sales are achieved with a concentration on the fundamentals.  

For another, mastering the fundamentals of sales training — such as the four Ps of sales (prospecting, probing, professional relationship managing, and proposal development and presenting) — lays out a strong foundation for the rest of your sales team's learning. They're the building blocks that will pave the way for their sales and marketing training success.  

A Sales Playbook Strategy  

As much as 440 hours a year is wasted on sales reps looking for the right content to meet prospect/customer needs. A Sales Playbook with the right strategy and resources would free up time and allow each team member to allocate their time to more important matters.  

Winging it will not get customers to close the deal with your team. A Sales Playbook is crucial to ensuring your team knows how to handle every stage of the buyer journey and every unique customer case. Too much time is wasted, and too many opportunities are missed when there aren't resources accessible for your staff.  

Reach out to our experts for the next steps to Navaquest coaching and a more in-depth look into how your training plan will be tailored to your company and sales team. In the meantime, you can also learn more about the importance of marketing and sales training on our new blog. 

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