Transform Your Team with Navaquest’s Comprehensive Sales and Marketing Training

Sales and marketing teams both want and need learning and development opportunities. Not only is it good for the company to invest in their employee’s professional skills and abilities, but it’s good for the employees because they grow with the company, find purpose in their work, and are better able to perform tasks at a higher level.

In fact, recent research supports the importance of learning and development. For starters, 93% of the workforce say they would stay with a company longer if their employers invested in their development.

Furthermore, 87% of millennials believe learning and development to be ‘important’ in the workplace, with 59% regarding it as ‘extremely important’ when looking for a job.

This is significant since millennials will account for more than 50% of the workforce in just a few short years, taking up 75% by 2030.

So, what’s the solution?.

Navaquest’s comprehensive sales and marketing training.

A business can be made profitable by creating a culture of learning. Here’s what you need to know about how sales funnel coaching will transform your business.

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What are the Benefits of a Customized Training Approach?

“Employees cannot become more productive in every sense of the word unless they are provided with continuous on-the-job training” — Gregory Balestrero, President and CEO at Project Management Institute.

Beyond becoming more productive, a customized training approach like Navaquest’s has the following benefits.

Align Your Sales Training to Your Business Needs

Customizing your training approach can better align your sales training courses to your business needs. This will be essential to your team’s skills and success because it will allow you to assess what your team needs to adhere precisely to your company’s brand strategy and goals. Every business is different, so you’ll need training that is specific to you.

Address Specific Focus Areas

As you evaluate your business needs and align your training, you must address specific pain points holding your team back from performing at their best. These specific focus areas could be anything from overcoming objections and learning brand strategy fundamentals to industry-leading sales funnel coaching.

Tackle Performance Gaps and Skills Gaps

Just as every business is not the same, every employee is different. Customized training will allow you to evaluate each individual and customize a training strategy that will tackle their specific performance and skill gaps.

What Key Sales Training Strategies Drive Performance and Accelerate Sales Team Development?

Did you know that a well-thought-out and documented strategy can increase your likelihood of success by nearly  100%? Add in our key sales training strategies, and your team will be perfectly equipped to accelerate your sales and perform at their best.

Here’s what you need to know:

Start Onboarding with Training

Onboarding integrates your staff into this new training — and subsequent ways of doing things — smoothly. Onboarding provides your employees with short steps that make the acclimation into their new sales strategy easier to understand and implement. The training will be ongoing, developing the skills and learning they need to be proficient in their roles as sales and marketing professionals.

Establish Sales Team Learning Paths

Through various learning activities and styles, an established sales team learning path will keep every member on track in their training. Fast-tracking your staff to more complex education before they’re ready could deter them from fully understanding what’s being taught. However, a learning pathway ensures they are learning at the right pace, retaining the training and education in an order that is more understandable and easier to digest.

Leverage Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is becoming a vital component of training, and for a good reason. This type of learning draws from digitally created, real-life scenarios that allow your staff to practice in a more hands-on environment without damaging your company’s reputation or sales in real life. According to Forbes, learning through these experiences could increase knowledge retention by an incredible 75%, ensuring your staff is hearing what they need to and remembering it after.

Cater to Different Learning Styles with a Hybrid Approach

Not every employee is the same. So, not only do they need customized training that adheres to their performance/skills gaps, but they need an array of styles to appeal to their different preferences for learning. According to some research:

  • Visual training like live videos and face-to-face learning appeal to 65% of learners
  • Auditory training like recorded training sessions and Q&As appeal to 30% of learners, and
  • Tactile training like interactive quizzes and more hands-on roleplaying appeals to 5% of learners

Appealing to all in your training will allow every team member to be catered to in a hybrid approach.

Create a Framework for Ongoing Contact and Communication

A framework for ongoing contact and communication will keep your staff engaged with their training and ensure their learning and development are at the level you need. Staying in touch is essential to identifying members behind or lacking in performance so that you can address it with the proper training as soon as possible.

Offer a Flexible and Adaptive Approach

As your business grows — and subsequently, your employees’ skills and abilities — you need a flexible and adaptive approach. This way, you can continuously incorporate nothing but the most up-to-date and effective learning and development skills and training.

Self-Paced, Blended Solutions

Pace is everything in training. Every individual needs to be appropriately guided to more complex information through strategic paths and at their own pace. By keeping solutions blended and self-paced, you ensure they’re not getting to each touchpoint too soon or too late — but instead, just as they need to.

Transform Your Team with Navaquest’s Comprehensive Sales Funnel Coaching

Are you ready to take your team to the next level? Are you looking for the best training for their continued learning and development? Then, Navaquest has what you need: a comprehensive marketing training module that isn’t just focused on asking for the sale but on earning it.

Whether you want your sellers to learn full funnel marketing strategies or pointers on how to convert potential customers, we can help. With our customized training, you get tailored courses made just for you and your team. We’ll work with you to create courses that meet your business needs, getting your team to the level they need to be to drive sales and revenue.

Contact us to enroll your teams in Navaquest’s sales and marketing training, making them more profitable, productive, and knowledgeable.

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