How to Elevate Your Sales Team's Shortcomings

There's nothing more frustrating for managers than dealing with an underperforming sales team and low revenue. Fortunately, there are reliable ways to improve sales growth and ROI: by supporting your team with sales training and giving them the knowledge they need to sell your products/services better. 

In fact, employee performance increases by 20% or more when companies invest in sales training, with employers earning $4.53 back for every dollar spent when they invest and losing on average, $450-$500 billion annually when they don't.  

But how do you go about elevating your team's shortcomings and improving sales performance? With Navaquest's advanced sales training! 

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What Factors Impact Sales Performance?  

Several factors can impact your sales team's performance, and the following will determine whether your reps can successfully engage customers and reach sales revenue goals. Here's how each can impact performance and what you can do to start making improvements.  

Sales enablement efforts   

Your team needs the right tools and resources to support their growth and help them sell smarter. This can come in various forms, but playbooks are particularly helpful because they enable more sales via clearly defined roles, responsibilities, methods, tips, etc.  

Take, for instance, Navaquest's Sales Playbook. We customize it to your business goals and needs, ensuring your team has a reliable place to find answers to customer questions and freshen up on best practices and strategies.  


The more successful your team is, the more successful your business will be. As a result, each team member's productivity directly impacts sales performance. When they receive specialized training from Navaquest, productivity is instantly improved through better sales strategies, sharpened sales skills, and more advanced knowledge of selling. 

Customer experience   

Customer experience is everything to today's consumers. Not only do 42% of consumers say they'd pay more for a positive customer experience, but 73% cite it as a deciding factor in purchasing decisions. With Navaquest, our sales training helps your team with better communication, problem-solving, and resolving issues, so the customer experience is immediately enhanced. 

Cross-functional alignment between sales and marketing teams  

Your marketing and sales teams are much more efficient when they come together to create a more cohesive experience for your customers. This includes sharing resources and building a more holistic view of who your customers are and what makes them tick. 

With Navaquest's training, marketers gain more skills in warming up leads, nurturing cold leads, and understanding ideal customers better (and sharing that insight with sales). Your sales team can also be more helpful by sharing their feedback on marketing efforts. 

Your company culture  

Company culture can affect sales performance in many ways, from fueling internal competitiveness and sales ethics to boosting the quality of the relationships between your team and customers. It's also very important for employee satisfaction, which directly affects their ability to sell and be productive members of your sales team. 

Navaquest helps contribute to a strong company culture by improving employee communication, supporting collaboration, and giving team members more confidence via the right sales tools, knowledge, and skills.  

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A shocking 55% of salespeople don't have the basic sales skills they need to be effective sellers. Sales training can be a game-changer in reducing that figure and ensuring your team is prepared to do their best. With Navaquest, our sales training thoroughly covers the basics before diving deep into the customized sales plan our experts create with (or for) you.  

Elevating Your Sales Team  

The best way to elevate your sales team's shortcomings is to focus more on the customer experience, the tools and resources your team needs to be successful, and investments in their training and development. 

Boost Your Customer Experience  

Your customers are the key to your sales, so it's no surprise that their experience with your team and brand is an important component of leveling up your sales team. You can help your sales team improve customer experience by creating a vision of what you believe the customer experience should be and then detailing ways your team members can bring that vision to life. Other tips include knowing your audience and obtaining customer feedback to make appropriate improvements. 

Create an Effective Strategy with a Sales Playbook  

You can have some of the best salespeople on your team, but if the sales strategies aren't effective and efficient, you risk missing out on great opportunities. Creating a Sales Playbook with effective strategies and resources for your team to reference when they need it (or learn during onboarding) is essential to improving your sales team's capabilities.  

Some of the most significant benefits include the following: 

  • Empowers customer engagement  
  • Invigorate a disengaged team 
  • Increases the chances of closing the deal  
  • Onboards new hires faster 
  • Offers solutions to various scenarios 

Invest in Your Team with Training  

Employee training is the most effective way to elevate your sales team and improve performance. With the right sales training and coaching, your team will not only have the basic skills most salespeople are missing but the sharpest tactics, practices, knowledge, and skills to build meaningful relationships with customers and encourage them to close the deal faster.  

Other benefits of sales training include retaining top-notch talent, sustaining loyal customers, strengthening team dynamics, building confidence and skills, and increasing sales and ROI.  

If you hope to elevate your sales team's shortcomings and improve their sales performance, you will need training that covers all the essentials. Navaquest offers customized solutions that enhance your team's ability to sell by addressing the most common factors that affect performance and focusing on the critical pieces of effective selling: customer experience, personalized Sales Playbooks, and advanced training. Contact us to learn more! 

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