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Is your team performing at its highest level? If your answer is no, Navaquest and marketing team training and coaching are here to change that. Your team will perform at the highest level by staying updated with training and current digital marketing trends. How? Through improved knowledge, skill, efficiency, and confidence in themselves. 

Companies benefit from a 30-50% boost in retention rates, a 25% increase in learning capacity, and a 20% increase in performance among trained employees.  

Keep reading for the latest in 2023 digital marketing trends. 

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With the abundance of data available, businesses can personalize their marketing efforts to cater to individual customers and provide them with a unique and relevant experience. This has become increasingly important now that 80% of consumers prefer companies that offer tailored experiences—even more so since studies show 72% won't engage with personalized marketing efforts.  

With Navaquest, you can elevate your team's shortcomings with training and coaching in the latest personalization trends for 2023, such as AI-driven personalization, one-on-one experiences, personalized mobile customer experiences, personalizing longer customer journeys, and more.  

Customer Experience (CX) 

The focus in 2023 has shifted from acquiring customers to retaining and nurturing them through a positive experience. Not only do 62% of business leaders report CX has the primary competitive differentiator in their industry, but 42% of customers would be willing to pay more for a positive CX (89% will switch to competition after a poor experience).  

Navaquest can help your team streamline customer experience throughout all channels and touchpoints with helpful techniques and strategies that build relationships. For instance, Navaquest can certify your team in social media to draw organic traffic and engage with current and potential customers. Email marketing is another certification becoming a must-have for better CX because you can target recipients by segments and customer journey stages.  

Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing involves partnering with influential individuals in your industry to promote your brand to their followers. It's a great way to reach more people and establish trust quickly. In fact, 61% of people say they trust recommendations from influencers compared to just 38% that recommend them from brand-produced content.  

Navaquest can help coach and train your marketing team to leverage the latest strategies while always following best practices. For instance, the influencer you work with should be relevant to your brand and products. Otherwise, you risk not reaching the right audience and coming off as inauthentic to those in your target audience.  

Interactive and Immersive Content 

Brands are experimenting with interactive polls and quizzes, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other interactive content to engage their audience. A few of the most popular uses of these technologies include 360-degree VR demos, AR for photo-realistic and real-time holograms, and interactive web pages that allow people to learn more about brands/products visually.  

Worried your marketing team doesn't know enough about these advanced technologies and their role in marketing? Navaquest's coaches and trainers have the education and plans they need to compete with the best! 

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Video Content 

Video content — especially live videos and short-form videos — is growing in popularity as it allows for real-time engagement with audiences. It has also quickly become the most preferred method for consuming content. According to Oberlo, the demand for video is there (91% of consumers want brands to create more online video content), as well as the results (8 out of 10 viewers report purchasing after watching a brand's video).  

Navaquest can help your team pave the way to better lead generation and nurturing by sharing our expert knowledge and practices on reaching your target audience with video.  

Social Media Storytelling 

Brands utilize social media platforms — such as Instagram and TikTok — to tell their stories and engage with their audience through short-form, visually-appealing content. Those that have perfected the strategy have experienced higher sales, with more than 50% of users reporting a purchase after seeing a product/service on Instagram and 71% of unplanned and spontaneous purchases after seeing TikTok content. 

And that's only a small fraction of the success you can have if you leverage several different social media platforms. Navaquest can certify your team and arm them with the best ways to reach and engage with your audience on their favorite socials.  

Experience Marketing 

You've likely tried all the traditional marketing methods and still find your team falling short of success. Experience marketing levels up your team, helping them focus more on creating meaningful experiences for your customers, making them more likely to remember the moment and your product/brand.  

Navaquest has the educational tools and skills your team needs to focus on creating memorable experiences for customers to build brand loyalty and advocacy. That way, it takes no time to speed up the average 5 to 7 impressions it takes for customers to recall or recognize your company. 

Authenticity and Transparency 

Consumers value authenticity and transparency, and businesses now emphasize their values, beliefs, and ethical practices in their marketing efforts. According to  Small Biz Trends, 71% of consumers prefer to purchase from brands with the same values and beliefs. 

This trend comes with a lot of risks despite its immense reward. One wrong step can make your brand look inauthentic, which will only scare your target audience away from your products and services. Tailored training and coaching will ensure each team member follows the best protocols when communicating and representing your brand's values and beliefs. 

Looking for the best way to keep your marketing team on top of their game? Contact Navaquest to learn more about our tailored coaching and training! 

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