Higher ROI and More: Why Choose Navaquest for Coaching?

When your sales team is adequately prepared, skilled, and trained in every aspect of the sales process, your business will see significantly better results.  

Why? It's simple. A well-trained sales staff is happier, knowledgeable, confident, attentive to customer needs, and more loyal to the company.  

These qualities are noticeable to customers when they have any questions or concerns. In fact, 90% of shoppers in the U.S. use these customer service experiences with salespeople to determine if they'll do business with the company. 

Backed by professional training and coaching, your sales staff can boost ROI and more. According to some studies, expert marketing and sales coaching have led to being 57 times more effective than the competition, your sales team having 20% higher performance rates, with continuous training adding 50% to your net sales.  

As for ROI, the report also found that companies that invest in professional sales training experienced as high as 353% (that's $4.53 back for every $1 spent on training!). 

Now, who do you trust with your team's coaching? Navaquest. Here's why, including the importance of sales training and why you should choose Navaquest to experience the best features and benefits of sales training.

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Master the Fundamentals with Navaquest Coaching  

To grasp the complete concept of sales and execute a successful delivery that not only persuades the customer to make a purchase but to make repeat purchases, your sales team needs to master the fundamentals. After all, 90% of sales are achieved by your team learning the basics! And with it comes sales growth and sales cost efficiencies that help boost revenue.  

With Navaquest, this includes being trained in the Four Ps of Sales:  

  • Prospecting — finding qualified prospects for your company's products/services, reaching out to those leads, and nurturing a relationship over time to build a connection that eventually encourages them to close the deal. It can include various methods such as referrals, networking, content creation and marketing, email marketing, etc.  
  • Probing — the art of learning as much as possible about your customers to help resolve their problems with your company's products/services. Typically in the form of asking all the right questions.  
  • Professional Relationship Management — managing relationships in sales is crucial to a company's growth and success. This includes nurturing clients with regular interactions and engagements to 'show' (not just tell) how important their loyalty and support to the company means to you. This process also does not stop after a client makes a purchase; it must be facilitated at all touchpoints, with all clients, for as long as the relationship lasts.  
  • Proposal Development and Presenting — Using your target audience's knowledge and insight, Navaquest helps your sales team develop and present those proposals in a way that reaches and resonates. This is because it must be customized to the client, speaking to their personal needs and interests and their company and industry.  

Get Measurable Results with Complete Sales Training  

Not only does your company get nearly 218% higher income per employee trained in sales and marketing, but the results you see are measurable with complete sales training. This means you have goals you want your employees to reach, and you can measure their success in achieving those goals. Moreover, the benefits those results have on your overall bottom line can be monitored and tracked via their growing performance rates.  

Navaquest sales training includes:  

  • Earning trust and credibility quickly  
  • Digital sales/full funnel marketing  
  • ROI and KPIs  
  • Storytelling  
  • Effective communication  
  • Using systems instead of "winging it"   
  • How, who, and where to prospect for new business  
  • Relationship building  
  • Customer focused selling  
  • Delivering persuasive and engaging presentations  
  • Time management     

The Benefits of Sales Training for Your Team  

A sales team with the right training and coaching can take your company to far greater places than a team winging it at every turn. Training has become a vital component for employees in every industry — with spending on employee learning and development increasing by 41% in 2022— but Sales is not an area of business that can get by with the bare minimum. Customers know the differences between a sales team that knows what they're doing and one that has been thrown to the wolves.  

Navaquest is here to ensure your team has all the right learning and tools to convey your company's superiority over the competition. That said, the additional benefits of sales training programs with Navaquest include helping your sales team: 

  • Boost their productivity and confidence in their abilities 
  • Strengthen their ability to communicate 
  • Build/sharpen sales knowledge, insight, and skills  
  • Gain a better understanding of the products/services they're selling 
  • Close deals efficiently  
  • Bring in new customers and keep current customers happy 

Marketing and sales training will enhance your team's skills and help boost your company's bottom line. However, an industry-leading approach, taught by experts who have not only gained knowledge in the field but experienced it firsthand, will optimize the skill and insight your sales staff gains from their training and coaching. Set your employees up for success by starting a conversation with us today.

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