What Are Navaquest's Training Options?

By now, you probably know the importance of advanced sales training for your employees. Professional training means ROIs above 300% and 24% higher profit margins for your business.  

So, what's next? You need the proper training! Navaquest has a vast selection of training options for your team. Here's an overview of each. 

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Sales Team Training  

Sales team training requires a unique approach that doesn't rely on "just winging it" or skipping over the basics. To be truly successful in training, your sales team needs a mastery understanding of the fundamentals, including everything from prospecting, probing, and professional relationship management to proposal development and presenting and upgrading sales.  

Navaquest combines this advanced sales training approach with customized playbooks to ensure your team knows the best strategies for selling in general and the keys to selling your product/service.  

This includes: 

  • A sales playbook tailored to your business 
  • Customized courses (we work with you to create them!) 
  • Assessments of employee strengths and weaknesses (and training personalized to those strengths and weaknesses) 

Coaching for Sales & Marketing Managers  

There's always something new to explore in sales and marketing, and your managers must be prepared for it all. Fortunately, Navaquest's coaches have done it all firsthand — from building thriving businesses from the ground up to reaching unimaginable financial targets — so your leaders are coached by only the finest in the industry. When combined with our Really Smart Marketing guide, charting uncommon waters and uncertain paths will be a breeze.  

And promoting internally has never been better.  

Navaquest's coaching for sales & marketing managers is also great for assessing the talent you already have in the company and placing them into the right seats with the right tools for success. Internal hiring is often preferable over external because they're already intimately familiar with your company, policies, and procedures — and are 61% less likely to be fired! 

Navaquest's coaching gives your internal staff the knowledge and skill they want and need to move up in your company, so you don't have to look elsewhere for top talent. 

Certifications and Mastery Courses  

Navaquest has more than a dozen certifications and mastery courses for your management and other team members to explore. Here's a synopsis of what they can gain from each.  

New Hire Sales Training  

Your new hire's onboarding and training experience will set the tone for the rest of their career with your company. A good experience could gain you a loyal and long-time employee. However, a bad experience could land you a spot back on the job boards and on the search.  

Navaquest's New Hire Sales Training will give your new team members a thorough introduction to your industry. This means onboarding that covers best practices and strategies for selling your products, such as going beyond charm and being good at talking to people. It also means a Sales Playbook full of proper sales approaches, practices, and the resources they need to close the deal. 

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Digital Marketing Mastery   

Are you interested in upgrading your team to full-stack marketers? Then you need Navaquest's Digital Marketing Mastery course that comes with ten core modules, 105 video lessons, The Customer Value Journey Handout, The Customer Avatar Worksheet, Core Message Canvas Worksheet, The Full-Color, 149-Page Workbook, the 16-Page Final Exam Study Guide, and a Digital Marketing Mastery Pacing Calendar. 

Our training covers the many components of digital marketing that make it so important in today's digital environment. These major channels include social media, content marketing, digital advertising, data & optimization, community management, email marketing, and search marketing.  

Copywriting Mastery  

Our Copywriting Mastery course covers six crucial copywriting elements: direct response, the three fundamentals of selling, defining your prospect, 'the big idea, the power of one,' how to find your voice, and the power of passion. The 55-question exam will be a breeze after your team learns from our six core modules, Copywriting Mastery Workbook, AWAI's 30 Top-Performing Copywriting Samples to Study & Steal, nine downloadable handbooks, and fill-in-the-blank guides. 

Paid Traffic Mastery   

Navaquest's Paid Traffic Mastery training includes eight core modules, 55 video lessons, a Paid Traffic Workbook (with note-taking), and a Final exam.  

In addition to an overview of paid traffic channels like YouTube, Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, your team will learn the following tactics and more: 

  • Aligning your content marketing with your paid traffic 
  • Customer Avatar development  
  • The ability to raise brand and awareness across multiple channels 

Content Marketing Mastery  

With Navaquest's Content Marketing Mastery course, your staff will have access to five core modules, 53 video lessons, The Full-Color 65-page workbook, and a Final exam to get certified. After our training, your team will upgrade their skills in the core concepts of content marketing and improve their ability to do the following with their content: 

  • Generate leads 
  • Drive awareness  
  • Sell the value of your products/services 
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention  

Email Marketing Mastery  

Learn everything from the three categories of email marketing — promotional, relational, and transactional — to creating flawless promotional calendars and more with our Email Marketing Mastery course. The training includes our email marketing mastery course, seven core modules, 46 video lessons, four handouts, and seven quizzes.  

Search Marketing Mastery  

Help your business get 'found' in the digital space, despite all the clutter online. This is made possible with thorough lessons on the core concepts of search marketing, SEO (on-page, off-page, technical, local, etc.), and Google's algorithm. With our Search Marketing Mastery course, your team gets six core modules, 42 video lessons, 1 Final exam, and a Certificate when they receive a passing score.  

Community Management Mastery   

Learn everything from community positioning, growing your community, and community-building content to creating a tribe, moderation, and community merit & tools when your team takes our Community Management Mastery course. This exclusive training includes seven core models, 58 video lessons, 12 handouts, seven quizzes, and a final exam.  

Data & Analytics Mastery   

Gain exclusive insight and skills in the industry's top data and analytic strategies with our Data & Analytics Mastery course. Here, your team will learn more about the basics of Data analysis, data collection, retention & monetization, running a data-driven business, and top, middle, and bottom-of-the-funnel analytics. The course includes seven core modules, 72 video lessons, 11 handouts, and seven quizzes.  

Conversion Funnel Mastery   

When your staff takes Navaquest's Conversion Funnel Mastery course, they’ll be thoroughly trained in CVO, determining product/market fit, optimizing the lead magnet, offering a profit maximizer, and architecting a return path. This course includes six core modules, 58 video lessons, seven handouts, and six quizzes.  

Social Media Mastery   

Our Social Media Mastery training prepares your team to navigate some of the most complex areas like social listening, influencing, networking, and selling. They will also learn more about determining which channels are best for your company, the 'dos and don'ts' of the platform, and engagement vs. seeker channels. The course has five core modules, 62 video lessons, nine handouts, and a quiz for each module.  

Optimization & Testing Mastery   

When staff members take our Optimization & Testing course, they instantly gain access to seven core modules, 40 video lessons, nine handouts, and seven quizzes that cover the entire topic. As a result, your employees will become more knowledgeable on topics such as CRO, optimization (its role, KPIs, form analysis, etc.), identifying & prioritizing testing, element selection, hypothesis construction, tests (split test basics, the principle of persuasion, campaign scheduling, etc.), and optimization methods.  

Reach out to Navaquest to discuss your training needs in full! 

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