5 Surprising Benefits of Sales Training

Are you struggling with sales numbers or an uninspired team? You're not the only one! Many companies are in this predicament because research shows that more than half (55%) of salespeople lack sales skills even at the most basic level, and 82% of respondents say the sales reps they deal with seem unprepared. 

Enter: Training for sales and marketing staff. Not only will proper training ensure your team is equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to reach and resonate with buyers, but a customized approach will guarantee specific pain points are addressed and improved. Sales training has many benefits, but none compare to a customized training plan.  

Here are the top benefits when debating if your sales team needs Navaquest's training course.

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1. Retain Your Top-Notch Sales and Marketing Talent  

Retaining employees is already a challenge for most businesses because of the fierce competition brought on by talent shortages. The world is experiencing a 15-year low point in the talent shortage (affecting 69% of companies), and workers now have more options to choose from. Add in a salesperson considered top-notch in sales and marketing, and you'll find the competition will be fighting tooth and nail to have them. 

Your best defense mechanism is to give them what they want: career learning and development opportunities. According to SHRM, a shocking 46% of employees don't think they're skilled enough to do their jobs, despite 94% saying they would stay at their company longer if they had more training and career development opportunities.  

2. Sustain Loyal Customers   

Likewise, good training not only retains talented employees — but also nourishes your relationship with customers. Salespeople who are knowledgeable about the products they're selling and can effortlessly answer questions will boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

This is because employees will better understand their needs and how to sell to them, keeping them happy with their experience and purchase. After all, your salespeople are the face of the company. If they don't seem like they can help your customers resolve their problems, buyers will assume your products/services won't be able to either.  

3. Strengthen Your Team Dynamics  

A strong sales team can do so much more than any one salesperson. Sure, you may have one exceptionally talented employee hitting crucial sales points and charming customers, but if all aren't on the same page, you can lose customers just as quickly. This is crucial because 90% of buyers say customer service and expertise determine whether they purchase from a company.  

Fortunately, sales training can strengthen your team dynamics in several ways: 

  • Improves communication 
  • Resolves conflicts 
  • Improves morale and teamwork, etc.  

4. Confidence and Skills Building   

When you improve your team's confidence and skills, you attract new talent and prospects to your establishment. Not only will top talent see the value in leaving the competition for your company when they witness how easy it looks for your team to work together, but customers will also take notice of the positive environment.  

An academic study exploring the correlation between smiling front-line workers and customer satisfaction found that smiling employees positively affected customer satisfaction more than non-smiling employees. Instilling your team members with confidence and skills can go a long way in building a work environment that elicits positive moods and mindsets.  

5. Increase Sales and ROI  

Your return on investment (ROI) is a great way to determine the value of an investment. According to one report, for every $1 your company invests in sales training, you can expect as much as $29 back! 

Add in your sales staff is better trained and prepared to up-sell and cross-sell customers, and research suggests you may see even more outstanding results. One report found that up-selling alone can increase revenues by 10-30%, while another added that cross-selling could boost your profits by 30% and revenues by 20%. 


Not just any training will get your sales and marketing team where they need to be in today's highly competitive market. You need training that is fit for getting the information to your staff and making it stick. 

Combined with tailored solutions on important topics like effective communication, full-funnel solutions, client needs analysis, great storytelling, and more — you'll notice an incredible difference in your staff in no time.  

Contact us to learn more about our training and how we can customize it to your business and staff needs.

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