7 Ways to Inspire and Motivate Your Sales Team

It's important to have a clearly defined destination or goal in mind if you want your business to be successful.  

This principle certainly applies to the business world. If you want your business to enjoy sustainable success, you must establish goals and follow through. In this regard, many business owners and entrepreneurs have found that setting SMART goals has yielded the best results.  

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Keeping your sales team engaged and motivated is vital to any leadership role. For instance, research indicates that teams who score in the top 20% in engagement enjoy a 41% reduction in absenteeism and 59% less turnover. However, achieving such engagement is easier said than done since a whopping 68% of individuals in the U.S. workforce are disengaged. 

How can you inspire and motivate your team to perform at their best (and continue to do so)? Here are seven tips that can help you keep your reps engaged and thus work towards achieving long-term success for your business.

1. Set Clear Goals

Most people thrive within clearly defined boundaries, especially when working towards a specific goal or objective. Make sure your sales team has SMART goals to work towards — that is, goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. 

In addition, you may have to periodically remind your team about these goals, perhaps by including them in team meeting agendas. When team members understand exactly what they're working towards and how to accomplish it, they will be more motivated and focused.

2. Provide Regular Feedback

According to one survey, 89% of HR leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes. Regular feedback is critical for helping your sales team improve and stay motivated. Keep in mind that such feedback shouldn't just focus on a rep's weaknesses: studies have shown that when managers focus on the strengths of their team members, the team is up to 30x more likely to be engaged (a ratio of 60-to-1 engaged vs. disengaged employees, compared to a 2-to-1 ratio).

3. Offer Incentives and Rewards

Incentives and rewards can be powerful motivators for your sales team. Everyone enjoys being recognized for their hard work, and when they receive practical or monetary rewards, that's even better! Therefore, consider offering your team bonuses, commissions, or other incentives as a reward for hitting specific targets or achieving certain milestones.

4. Provide Ongoing Training and Development

According to one study, as few as 6% of salespeople  are considered "elite" at their job. What's one reason for this? Lack of adequate training. You can counteract this trend by providing your sales reps with a comprehensive, well-designed training and development program. This program will improve their skills and knowledge and give them more confidence in handling sales interactions. 

Be sure to offer regular training opportunities to interested employees and access to helpful educational resources. By giving your team members the training they need to sharpen their skills and letting them know you're invested in their personal and professional development, you'll motivate them to continue performing at their best.

5. Encourage Teamwork and Collaboration

A culture of teamwork and collaboration contributes to a peaceful and productive work environment. Your sales reps no doubt experience quite a bit of stress as they work with prospects, leads, and clients. Conditions that add to such stress can make them feel disengaged from their work. In contrast, when team members are encouraged to support one another, perhaps by offering suggestions on how to be more effective with their sales techniques, everyone can grow and benefit.

6. Lead by Example

Sales managers and leaders shouldn't take the attitude: "Do what I tell you." Instead, the thinking should be: "Do what I'm doing." Your behavior and demeanor set the tone for your sales team. With that in mind, make sure you're leading by example. For instance, stay positive about prospects, vendors, and colleagues. Show dedication by putting in the work necessary to achieve your goals. Maintain consistent communication with each team member. 

As the saying goes: "People would rather see a sermon than hear one." If you "talk the talk" and "walk the walk," your team will likely follow your good example.

7. Celebrate Successes

Lastly, make sure to celebrate the wins that your team achieves. Recognizing success, no matter how small can help your team stay motivated and inspired. Regularly set aside time to honor those victories, big and small — perhaps in team meetings, through recognition programs, or by offering rewards and incentives. (A handwritten note never hurts, either!) 

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Keeping your sales team motivated and engaged is vital if you want them to work at peak productivity. The seven tips discussed above can help you to do just that. Moreover, as you invest in employee engagement initiatives, remember the importance of ongoing sales and marketing training. Our team of training and development experts at Navaquest can help transform your team into a confident, unified, profit-generating machine...or at least help them stay that way! Reach out to us today to learn more. 

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