How Sales & Marketing Training Improves Profits


Business owners and leadership are always looking to improve profitability, but believe it or not, there is a way they haven't thought about yet. Expert training for sales and marketing teams can completely transform business revenue. Not only has research uncovered a significant competitive advantage over the competition among those that train versus companies that do not (57% more effective), but sales and marketing training produced ROIs as high as 353% for the average business 

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Where do I start, right? Navaquest has you covered! Keep reading to learn how improving business revenue with sales training can make all the difference.  

How Does Sales and Marketing Training Boost Revenue?  

Your business can only grow to the extent that your team does. There are a lot of moving parts that go into why sales training has such high ROI and contribution to your bottom line. To name a few of the most significant, here are four ways training your sales and marketing teams can boost your revenue.  

Increased sales performance 

By providing sales staff with the necessary skills and knowledge, sales and marketing training can improve their ability to sell products and services, resulting in increased revenue and profits. Currently, a shocking number of surveyed salespeople report being undertrained and unqualified to achieve the expectations of their jobs.  

According to HubSpot, only 6% of salespeople fall under the category of the 'Elite' who are great at selling. Their research indicates that another 20% are doing well but could perform better, and the final 74% are failing in their positions.  

Accessing your team's individual and team skills will help you identify ways to elevate your team's shortcomings. Can you imagine how successful your teams would be if that 'Elite' number could grow before your eyes? 

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Improved marketing strategies 

Effective marketing strategies increase brand awareness, customer loyalty, and customer acquisition, all of which can contribute to increased profits. Sales and marketing training can help businesses develop and implement effective marketing strategies. More importantly, it can help the two work together to reach the company's overall vision and objectives.  

Every business is different. Training experts like Navaquest evaluate the needs of your business and the skills/needs of your staff to create alignment. A basic understanding of how different marketing strategies bring success to businesses is fine. However, the best results happen when your teams know how specific marketing and sales strategies bring success to your company.  

A great example is your target audience. Your ideal customers may be best found on social media, SEM ads, and other digital channels if you're trying to reach younger generations. Knowing the difference ensures your team makes the most informed decisions.  

Enhanced customer satisfaction 

Providing customers with high-quality products and services and exceptional customer service can increase customer satisfaction, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.  Sales and marketing training can transform your team by helping them understand the importance of customer satisfaction and how to achieve it.  

After all, your products and services don't speak for themselves anymore. Your staff must create unforgettable experiences to boost customer satisfaction now that 78% would back out of a purchase if they experience poor customer service, and 34% won't hesitate to go to your competition.  

In sales, this means: 

  • Being thoroughly prepared and knowledgeable about your offerings 
  • Having the ability to answer every question customers send their way 
  • Understanding the customer's pain points and how your offerings can solve them 
  • Creating emotional connections, and more. 

In marketing, your team members must know as much as possible about your audience so they can: 

  • Communicate with them across multiple channels 
  • Stay consistent at every touchpoint 
  • Stay true to your brand, and  
  • create messaging that reaches and resonates with your ideal consumers 

Heightened brand awareness 

Strong brand awareness can help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors and increase customer loyalty, leading to increased sales and profits. Sales and marketing training can help businesses develop a strong brand image and marketing strategies to increase brand awareness.  

As many as five to seven impressions of your brand are required for a customer to recall and recognize your business. You can speed up the process with effective collaborations between marketing and sales, especially when both departments deliver consistent experiences and stay true to your brand.  

Effective sales and marketing training is the solution to improving profits and optimizing your teams. With Navaquest, your sales and marketing teams will be optimized with the latest training trends — such as individually-paced and experiential learning — by the most successful training experts in the industry. 

Contact us to discuss your and your team's specific needs so our Navaquest team can ensure training is optimized just for you.

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