How Navaquest Can Unleash the Potential of Your Sales Team

What would help your company achieve sales growth? Many managers and business owners would say that streamlined processes, advanced CRM systems, and effective lead magnets are key contributors to increased profits — and all those things certainly play their part! 

However, the number one action that will accelerate your organization's sales growth is to unlock the full potential of your sales team. When a well-trained sales team is giving 100% to your business, exceptional results are virtually guaranteed. In fact, one study indicated that companies that invest in sales training are 57% more effective at sales than their competitors. That's a dramatic difference! 

How can Navaquest help elevate your team to unparalleled heights? Let's discuss some key elements of our solution:

1. Our Customized Training Approach

At Navaquest, we offer each one of our clients a customized sales training solution. More than anything else, it's this unique approach that leads to positive outcomes.  

What is a customized training approach? 

Simply put, it's training tailored to your company's specific needs. No two businesses are exactly alike; what works for one sales team may not be as effective for another. For example, one team may need help generating high-quality leads, while another group requires assistance closing deals. 

We have seen a ton of benefits over the years when clients partner with us for customized training. We can address specific focus areas and turn "bottlenecks" in the sales process into strengths. We can tackle issues that cause low performance and align our training program to your unique sales goals. At the end of the day, you will get the biggest "bang for your buck" with our customized approach!

2. Accelerated Skill Development with Navaquest 

The skillfulness of your sales reps has a direct impact on your revenues and profits. With that in mind, Navaquest offers accelerated skill development that can transform your team. 

Cutting-edge sales training and coaching 

We use three distinct training paths to unleash the full potential of your sales team: 

  • Do It Yourself. We provide you with a tested and proven module-based training program that will allow you to gain knowledge at your own pace, get certified, and share the insights learned with your team.  
  • Do It With You. The "Do It With You" path takes all the benefits of the "Do It Yourself" option and adds coaching and consulting time as we periodically check in with you and your team.  
  • Do It For You. If you want to spend your time and energy solely on running your business, then this is the right option for you. We will completely facilitate the training of your sales team, provide regular coaching, and feedback, and track each rep's progress.

New Hire Onboarding 

Apart from our exceptional training and coaching solutions for current employees, we also offer impactful onboarding for new hires. Our New Hire Onboarding and Sales Playbook is designed to fully equip new hires for instant success. It includes 5 modules, 16 lessons, an array of downloadable resources, and an 8-week Infield Action Plan to establish activity goals and fill their sales pipeline. This on-demand program can also include additional one-on-one coaching if needed.

3. Continued Learning 

Even the most skilled sales rep needs to continue learning and developing as a professional. Navaquest can help in this endeavor, too.  

Certification and Mastery Courses 

Navaquest fosters continued growth in your sales team by offering a wide array of certification and mastery courses, available for a range of skill levels. For instance, do you want your sales reps to improve their copywriting skills? Our Copywriting Mastery course can help them to write exceptionally persuasive copy. Do you need your team to step up their email game? Our Email Marketing Mastery course can certify participants as Email Marketing Specialists and help them use advanced strategies to monetize their contact list.  

Partner with Navaquest to Unleash Your Sales Team's Potential 

Navaquest can help your company achieve unparalleled sales growth through focused, customized training. We will tailor our program to meet your specific business needs; work with you to the extent you desire, based on which training path you take; ensure that your new hires have what it takes to succeed; and foster the continued development of your skilled reps through our certification and mastery courses.  

All these solutions will result in one major outcome: bringing out your sales team's full potential. If you would like to learn more about how Navaquest can make this happen, reach out to our friendly team of sales training experts today. You will not regret it! 

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