The Top 7 Strategies to Help Your Clients Boost Sales Through Social Media

Social media plays a vital role in any modern marketing strategy. On social media platforms, you can engage with new audiences, showcase your brand's personality, and spread the word on promotions, products and services, and your community impact. Once you have a social media marketing plan and campaigns underway, you can add a bit of shine to them without losing track of your objectives.

Experiment with these social media marketing tactics to increase exposure, engagement, and ultimately, sales: 

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1. Consistently Post on Social Media

The most important tactical action in any social media campaign is to post consistently. A high-volume burst won't build your momentum, especially if it's followed by a sharp drop in posting and interaction. Instead, create a calendar to keep your monthly and weekly posting schedule consistent; you might even post daily if social media is an important part of your marketing strategy.  

With a calendar or automated posting tools, you can even create your social media posts in advance, so you never miss a day during the busy season.

2. Define a Target Audience

Who's going to see your client's social media posts? If your client offers landscaping services, they might have one audience of local homeowners, and they might have another audience full of property management company decision-makers. Both of these audiences require very different messaging.  

But your client might not be a landscaper—they might do taxes, run an e-commerce business, or own a restaurant. No matter what business your clients have, they will have different audiences to focus on.  

However, if you know your client's audience and create posts that speak to their priorities, you're that much closer to building a profitable relationship. 

3. Use Paid Social Media Advertising

Building your brand organically through consistent posting is for any social media strategy, but it's not enough. You need to have an audience to engage with first. That's where paid social media advertising comes in. These ads will show up in prospective buyers' feeds, even if they haven't followed you or interacted with you yet. This is the most direct way to engage with new audiences and create a first impression. 

While some businesses only budget for paid social media advertising before big promotions, keeping the tap on all year round can be a much more effective approach. It helps you gather far more insight into the behaviors of your core market and lets you start the relationship earlier. 

4. Create Valuable Content

Whether you have a business blog, create organic social media content, or want to start launching weekly videos, don't give your audience empty content. It needs to provide immediate value, such as: 

  • Entertainment value that builds familiarity with your brand 
  • Information for how-to or educational campaigns 
  • Promotional details that appeal to the audience 

Whether your campaign focuses on sales conversion or brand identity, your content always needs to be providing value. 

5. Collaborate with Influencers

Influencers can unlock the full potential of your brand on social media. They have an engaged audience that trusts them and values their opinions. Successful influencers already have the skills and experience needed to create valuable and entertaining content about your products or services. By paying and collaborating with influencers, you can jumpstart interactions with a brand-new target market, establish social proof, and see immediate conversions.  

Look for influencers that speak to your target market and already have relationships built on trust. 

6. Offer Exclusive Promotions

If you want to encourage more sales through your social media campaigns, give prospective buyers a reason to interact with you there. One helpful strategy is to offer promotions and savings opportunities only through specific social media channels. 

There are numerous benefits that originate from this tactic, including: 

  • Increased sales, as buyers respond positively to discounts and coupons 
  • More tracking, as you can see the behaviors and trends of online visitors who originate from social media posts 
  • Insights for future posts, as you can measure which messages and discounts were either the most effective or the most profitable 

Clear social media posts with discounts, deadlines, and a strong call to action generate a feeling of urgency, and interested buyers won't want to miss the opportunity. 

7. Analyze and Optimize

As you use these social media tactics, proactively measure their effects. You can run A/B tests, assess spikes in traffic or sales, and see where the most engagement is coming from. Then you can zero in on the most effective tactics and make them a standard part of your marketing playbook.  

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